Lair of Titus

Lady Victoria requests your aid in finding her stolen valuables. Track down the peculiar inventor Titus and search his hideout to recover her belongings. Hurry back, trust me, you DO NOT want to be there when Titus returns...

Difficulty: 4.5* out of 5

(Recommended for experienced escape room enthusiasts)

Participants: 4-8

(4+players recommended)


Would you consider your boss to be a shady character? Well, some people would! You've been detained and are being held to be interrogated in one hour to find out what you know about your boss' "ideal business practices." Follow the clues your boss left behind to escape the interrogation room before you find out what techniques they intend to use to get you to spill the beans!

Difficulty: 4* out of 5

Participants: 2-8

(4+ players recommended)

School Detention

You've done it this time! One too many jokes at the principal's expense and you've landed yourself in detention! One hour is all you have to lose... Unless you paid enough attention in class to work your way out of this mess in less time. Ready...Set...Escape!

Difficulty: 3* out of 5

Participants: 2-8

The Fallout Shelter

After receiving news of an imminent nuclear attack your group heads to the nearest fallout shelter. In your rush to get to safety you hurry in closing and locking the door behind you... But oops, you didn't activate the emergency life support generator first! You now have one hour to escape before your room runs out of oxygen! Good Luck!!

Difficulty: 3.5* out of 5

Participants: 2-8