Intergalactic Express

After touring the galaxy on the Intergalactic Express, something goes terribly wrong and your group must use their wits to escape the ship before the auxiliary power runs out! Can you escape or will you go down with the ship?

Difficulty: * * * *

Players: 2-8 (4+ players recommended)

Dr. Ella Mentall's Testing Facility

You got yourself into this mess by volunteering to be a lab rat.  But can you escape this rat race alive?
As test subjects, you must race to escape using the "ella ments" of the room left by the trusty lab assistant. Can you escape before Dr. Mentall comes back to see how your clock ticks?

Difficulty:  * * * *
Players: 2-6 (4+ players recommended)

Prison Break 2: Charlie's Revenge!

The warden's "favorite" prisoner Charlie has escaped and left behind clues to help you get out as well. Is your group able to follow the bread crumbs to escape before the warden comes back and transfers you to maximum security?

Difficulty:  * * * *

Players: 2-8 (4+ players recommended)

The Frightmore Manor

Mr. Frightmore gets so hungry, uh I mean lonely, staying by himself at the Frightmore Manor night after night. Book your one night stay and accompany him on an eternal grand tour of his lovely estate. Heed not the blood stained walls or the echoing screams... It will all soon be but a shadow of the past.

Difficulty:  * * *

Players: 2-8 (4+ players recommended)