Secret Agent: Stealth Force

 A new foe has arisen and they're planning something terrible! Only the best of the best, YOU, and your fellow agents of Stealth Force can stop them.

Your mission follows:

Infiltrate Dark Command's central bunker and stop the impending missile strike. Escape undetected or any knowledge of Stealth Force will be disavowed.

Difficulty:  3.5* out of 5
Players: 2-6


NEW THEME AS OF 8/23/2019

Prison Break: Warden Strikes Back!

No more Mr. Nice Warden... Too many inmates have escaped the Warden's grasp in the past so after ramping up security to the highest degree, he now dares EVERYONE to TRY and escape his fortress....

Difficulty: 4*out of 5

Players: 3-8


 The Haunting of Room 13 

Do you dare step foot in our infamously haunted manor? You have to spend but one hour inside navigating your way through the horrors to pass the final trial of your initiation.

Will you join the ranks by escaping within the hour... Or be added to the ever growing list of guests who never checked out...?

Difficulty:  3.5 out of 5

Players: 3-8

(3 player min. recommended)