Secret Agent: Stealth Force

A new foe has arrived and they're already planning something terrible! Only the best of the best, YOU, and your fellow agents of Stealth Force will be able to stop them. Your mission is as follows:

Infiltrate Dark Command's central bunker and stop the impending missile strike against the U.S. Escape undetected or we will disavow any knowledge of Stealth Force and it's orders.

To accept the mission click here............

Difficulty:  3.5* out of 5
Players: 2-6




The Haunting of Room 13

Do you dare step foot in our infamously haunted manor? You have to spend but one hour inside navigating your way through the horrors to pass the final trial of your initiation. Will you join the ranks by escaping within the hour... Or be added to the ever growing list of guests who never checked out...?

Difficulty:  3.5 out of 5

Players: 3-8 (Minimum of 3 players,

4+ players recommended) 

Prison Break 2: Charlie's Revenge!

The warden's "favorite" prisoner Charlie has escaped and left behind clues to help you get out as well. Is your group able to follow the bread crumbs to escape before the warden comes back and transfers you to maximum security?

Difficulty: 4* out of 5

Players: 2-8 (4+ players recommended)

Intergalactic Express

After touring the galaxy on the Intergalactic Express, something goes terribly wrong and your group must use their wits to escape the ship before the auxiliary power runs out! Can you escape or will you go down with the ship?

Difficulty: 4* out of 5

Players: 2-8 (4+ players recommended)