Search and Rescue

(This is an indoor  themed escape room)

After being left in the mountains to fend for yourselves, you and your fellow trainees must use your wits and your limited supplies to overcome the obstacles and pass this final test to become official Forest Rangers!

Difficulty: 3.5* out of 5

Players: 2-4

(Maximum of 4 players)

Guardians of Time

You are a keeper of time and space and it is your duty to ensure that all remains true. Unfortunately one of your fellow keepers has forsaken the cause and gone rogue creating chaos and causing a ripple in time that will destroy civilization as we know it! Gather as many time keepers as you can and go back to the past to mend history before all is lost!

Difficulty: 4.5* out of 5

Players: 3-8


(4+ players recommended)

The Godfather's Secret

The Godfather of your rival gang has put a hit out on one of your own! Now he's gone missing and it's up to your squad to find out what really happened. Sneak into the Godfather's domain and uncover the secret...

Difficulty: 3.5* out of 5

Players: 2-8


High Noon Heist

After robbing the Copperhead Creek Bank, your group of bandits was caught red handed! Luckily for you, your feet are quicker than your brains... Now the Sheriff has caught wind that you’re  still in town and has started rounding up a posse to bring you in! Go get your loot and get out before the Sheriff tracks you down!

Difficulty: 4* out of 5

Players: 2-10

Saloon Shakedown

Y'all did it! You robbed the Copperhead Creek Bank... But you didn't skedaddle fast enough so the Saloon owner stole your getaway plans and is blackmailing you. He is threatening to turn you in to the Sheriff if you don't cut him in on the loot! Steal back your plans and track down your horses to get out of town before the Sheriff shows up to take y'all in...

Difficulty: 3.5* out of 5

Players: 2-10